The world seems to be wide open. Yet less and less often we set out on journey, which is not only an adventure, but also a path of inner transformation. We can fly to the end of the world or even get a tour on Mount Everest, but that doesn’t mean we are crossing any personal boundaries. We only experience the illusion of a rite of passage, which we gladly reinforce with epic coverage on social media.

The essence of the journey is not the road travelled. Thus, we invite audience to the place where the journey begins or ends. At the railway or metro station – between train arrivals and departures – we experience the journey together at its various moments: just before the journey, in the moment of doubt and in the process of maturing to the first step – ritual death to a new life. The Odyssey project is not only a reference to the theme of Odysseus’ journey from Homer. It is also an artistic path from mythological chaos to Kubrick’s poetry of the cosmos.

A look into a world that has “gone out of shape”, arousing in Hamlet the need to repair it. Each participant will receive a headset, which will be a gateway to the intimate world created by the performers and inaccessible to random passers-by. Through the language of contemporary theatre and dance, we will investigate the extent to which the archetype of homo viator – man on the move is valid for contemporary man.


Choreography – Tomasz Ciesielski in close cooperation with the dancers

Performers – Natalia „Sarna” Kladziwa / Izabela Zawadzka, Paweł Urbanowicz, Oscar Mafa / Jakub Pewiński

Music – Sean Palmer, Kuba Pałys

Costumes – Damian Kretschmer

Production – Fundacja Teatru Nowszego, Joanna Stasina

Premiere – 19/06/2022, Dworzec Łódź Fabryczna

Duration – 45 min