Luxury is material goods and expensive services hardly accessible to the average person. Luxury is a pleasure that most of us can rarely afford. The performance LUXA is an attempt to touch upon the theme of luxury for women in the context of human relations in the world of pop culture. It is the idea of touching our identity through mass human desires and aspirations.

This includes many items that are feminine attributes, such as expensive, exclusive perfumes and cosmetics, handbags or jewelry with precious stones.

However, luxury has many facets. Luxury can be bottle-green jade mined in Burma, a stone that nature gives us naturally, but it can also be free time for a woman or the ability to take charge of her own body. In the climate and social context, especially in the future, this could also become drinking water, which in many countries is already called BLUE GOLD, but also cocoa, which was once considered more precious than gold, and has seen its value increased year over year again. Last but not least, it could also be free time for a woman, or the opportunity to decide on her own body.

The project is being carried out as part of the artistic scholarship of the City of Warsaw 2023. Partners: Promotion of Culture Center Praga-Południe, Z. Raszewski Theatre Institute, Ochota Cultral Center – OKO, U:NEW Dance Wave Festival, Arbeit und Leben DGB/VHS NRW e.V. – Düsseldorf, CODASI: l’espace – centro choreographico – Palermo / Erasmus+

AGATA ŻYCZKOWSKA – choreographer, dancer, actress. A scholarship recipient from the City of Warsaw and the Mobile in Culture program. She leads the HOTELOKO movement makers collective, and has created performances: “frau blush”, “Darklena”, “Axiom of Choice.” She received an award for the performance “Absolutely Fabulous Dancers” at the Quartiers Danses Festival in Montreal. She also participated in the production “The SHOW MUST GO ON” choreographed by Jérôme Bel. Her works are built using everyday movement and identity. In her world, sequins reign supreme. The shimmer is an intentional image, defined by the statement: “I live in a sequin sphere.”

KARINA SZUTKO – dancer, choreographer. She is a collaborator in the HOTELOKO movement makers collective, contributing to performances like “Insta Show,” “Extinction: REplay,” “SOLARPUNK,” and “LUXA.” She employs diverse contemporary dance techniques, drawing inspiration from Latino dance as well. She constructs choreography through improvisation, focusing on partner contact. She gained her dance education through collaborations with, among others, Weronika Pelczyńska, Ewelina Sobieraj, Wojtek Grudziński, Maria Colusi, Silje Solheim Johansen, Jacquelin Fisher, and Jackie Taffanel.


  • Choreografia i reżyseria: Agata Życzkowska, Karina Szutko
  • Reżyseria: Agata Życzkowska
  • Dramaturgia: Agata Życzkowska
  • Wykonanie: Agata Życzkowska, Karina Szutko
  • Muzyka: opracowanie muzyczne: Agata Życzkowska
  • Kostiumy: Agata Życzkowska
  • Reżyseria świateł: Projekcje: Agata Życzkowska
  • Produkcja: Fundacja ‘NOWA FALA’
30 min