Connected / Disconnected

Connected / Disconnected is a fully improvised dance performance in which the artists address the topic of connections. Relational, rhythmic, motor, bone, intentional, intuitive, sound, visible and invisible connections. The improvisation that the audience will witness is a dialogue between dancers of different origins and movement languages and a musician, who connects each of these languages into a network of connections. Everything happens here and now, every element is subject to change, nothing is certain, because everything is possible.

The improvisation witnessed by the audience is a dialogue between dancers of different backgrounds and movement languages and a musician who fuses these languages into a web of connections. The spontaneous composition of movement and musical actions in time and space and in relation to each other creates the kind of experience that is engaging and immersive. The performing dancers are united by a common dance education and a belief in the power of the medium of the body and movement itself.

Although the performance does not presuppose a specific course of events, the audience has the opportunity to experience a story that is created on the fly in the course of the performance.

The team consists of: Lena Skrzypczak, Victoria Silvero, Bartosz Przybylski, Michał Strugarek, Wojciech Furman, Franciszek Jackowski and Patryk Gorzkiewicz. The dancers come from different dance backgrounds, but their paths converged at the time of dance education. Despite the diversity of their movement languages, they share a passion for the physicality of movement, improvisation and the possibilities created by the dialogue between dance and music. Currently, they work in various areas of dance and art in Poland and abroad, as dancers, performers, choreographers, and creators of artistic projects.


  • Choreografia i reżyseria: Patryk Gorzkiewicz, Aleksandra Salej, Sara Gorzkiewicz, Michał Strugarek, Wojciech Furman, Bartosz Przybylski
  • Dramaturgia: Patryk Gorzkiewicz
  • Wykonanie: Lena Skrzypczak, Victoria Silvero, Bartosz Przybylski, Michał Strugarek, Wojciech Furman, Patryk Gorzkiewicz
  • Muzyka: Franciszek Jackowski (MARMØ)
  • Kostiumy: Sara Gorzkiewicz
  • Reżyseria świateł: Patryk Gorzkiewicz, Michał Strugarek
  • Produkcja: Patryk Gorzkiewicz
50 min