She graduated in religious studies from Jagiellonian University.

She is writing about dance, theatre, and art. She has published, inter alia, in the “Teatr” monthly, “Didaskalia”, Znak” „Res Publica Nowa” „”.

She is the author and the editor of numerous book publications on dance, theatre, and performative arts in both Polish and English language.

Majewska was a member of the editorial board of Słownik tańca XX i XXI wieku (Dictionary of Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Dance) and author of many dictionary entries.

She has led artistic, research and educational projects as a curator in Poland and abroad.

Majewska has served on the juries of Polish and international dance and performance competitions and platforms and is an expert of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. A member of the first Program Council of the Institute of Music and Dance (2010-2013), author and curator of MAKT (Mobile Academy of Dance Criticism),

She initiated and directed the International Steps Contemporary Dance Festival in Krakow (2013-2018), and together with Mikołaj Mikołajczyk the Studio Dance Stage at the Studio Theatre in Warsaw.

She is a recipient of numerous prizes and scholarships. She is a member of the Dance Critics Association, Congress of Research in Dance, The International Dance Council CID, Polish Society for the Theatre Research, Polish Choreological Forum and was one of the founding members and firs president of the Forum of Dance Art Communities. In September 2022, she was named President of the Board of the European Network of Information Centres for Performing Arts (ENICPA).

In October 2019 she joined the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw as head of the Research and Publishing Department. From February 2022 she has been the director’s plenipotentiary for publishing, foreign affairs, and the Spaces of Art program.